·         SOAP






·    Razors



     we are also collecting Non perishable food Items 



Mission Partnership


2017 has been another great year of reaching out and helping others. As a church we have engaged with God’s Mission our Mission

In The past year as a church we have helped:

Open schools WDRF, Home Mission, Overseas Mission, Samaritans Purse shoe boxes, White ribbon Sunday, Food Bank, Clothes for children, Seniors Lunch, Electric Vouchers, meat vouchers, Christmas toys 54 Children, and the everyday work done around the church. 

We give thank for the many ways you have made this possible 


Spending Time with God.

Time is a very precious commodity if you can call it that, for some there is not enough time. Time spent with family and friends is special, and time spent with God eternal. But how long do you spend with God, experts say to master any language you have to spend 1 hour each day, if we are to have a deep relationship with God how much time each day do we allocated to the one who holds time and is beyond time. As an experiment I asked a group to be quiet and eyes close for 3 minutes, and when they thought the time was up to stand. They all stood up within 2minutes. They agreed that they found it hard to be still for 3 minutes let alone longer. It is all about redeeming time with God. In this coming year, why not start small with 10 minutes reading a portion of scripture and a prayer. You will discover a God who wants to know you