Long life Milk

tea Coffee

Meat products tinned tuna, steak etc

·         SOAP






·    Razors



     we are also collecting Non perishable food Items 


Taking Care of God's House


Financial Giving: 

Thanks to our leaders and your generosity we have overhauled our heating system in the Church hall, and meeting rooms. We now have a zoned system that will enable the heating to be controlled better and this will save money in the long term. The cost is 20,298 we were able to complete this work during the summer. We thank you for your generosity and careful stewardship of our leaders. Please continue to support the work of maintaining our building and our mission through the Development fund.

We do give God thanks for all that we are able to do. However, the leaders have expressed concern that the free will offering has seen decline and would like to appeal to all those who give regularly to examine and pray about what they give. As a Church we would like to be able to meet our obligation and to honour God the giver of all good gifts.

Thank you again that we are able to carry out work around the Church because of your faithfulness and generosity. We give God thanks and Praise.