Congregational Friendship Buffet Meal

With Music

Fri 1stJune 6pm

Methodist Church Hall


Violet Montgomery






·         SOAP






·    Razors



     we are also collecting Non perishable food Items 


Just a thought: As a child I loved putting together Airfix models. I had a great collection from warplanes, to Battleships and even medieval Galleons. When I first started I would have unpacked the pieces and started gluing together the parts. My first model was a Spitfire, fantastic. When I had finished I placed it on its stand ready to paint. I was thrilled however I had a few bits left over. That should not be the case my trouble was I never followed the instructions I just blattered on. I did get better, at reading instructions. The Christian life is a bit like that many feel they can get on with things without consulting God or his word. Jesus came to show us the way we are to live act so that we could be presentable to God. His Holy spirit enables us, guides us shapes us. What we are to be and what Gods finished work will eventually be is down to how we follow his instructions.






Taking Care of God's House


Property News: Thanks to our leaders and your generosity we have been able to do a lot of Work in the past year and have planned more work in the months ahead. We give God thanks for the following:

New pvc back door cost £1,520.00

New pvc windows fitted to vestry, choir room, toilets and youth room cost £7,560.00

New pvc door to be fitted beside the vestry cost £1,150.00

New heating system to be fitted in the church hall cost £8,350.

Thank you again we are able to carry out this work because of your faithfulness and generosity. We give God thanks and Praise.