Why Christians stink & smell wonderful

That may be a strange thing to say but sometime ago I met someone I knew from my time in the Army. He was a bit of a lad then and by the sound of it nothing had changed, his language was colourful and he had a lot say about the life he now had. Then the question came, what do you do know? I was dressed very casual so it was a picture when I told him that I am a Christian serving as a Methodist Minister. His face went red and I could see he was embarrassed and before I knew it he was away. Did I smell bad or what? The answer is found in 2 Cor 2:15-16 “Our lives are a Christ like fragrance rising up to God. This fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing. To those who are perishing, we are a dreadful smell of death and doom. But to those who are being saved, we are a life giving perfume”

When we bear the aroma of Christ, it has a negative as well as positive effect on people.

Read John 15:18-25



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