Weekly Diary

Monday         Cubs 8-10yrs 6.30-8pm

                        Contact: Kate Daley 9446614


                        Scouts 101/2-14yrs 8-9.45pm

                         Contact: ken Kyle 94466797


                        Explorers 14-18yrs 8-9.45pm

                        Contact:Frank Avery 07921573714


                        Weight watchers 5.30 contact Anne Watson 07736781676

                         Email: annewatson@hotmail.com


                        MWI 2nd Monday in Month


Tuesday:        weight watchers 10.15 contact Anne 79469449


                        Beavers 6-8yrs 6.30-7.45

                        Contact: Helen Richmond 94468073


Wednesday:    Bible Study 7.30pm


Thursday:        Floral Arts


Sunday:            10.30 Meet and greet coffee/tea 

                          11am Morning Worship

                          Sunday school and Youth

                          Meeting during Church

Other dates:

Mon 27 Nov7.30pm Finance meeting

Mon 4 Dec 7.30 Church Council

thu 7 Dec 1pm Seniors Christmas lunch