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Dear Friends, 

There’s nothing quite like the fragrance of the earth on a warm Spring day when plants begin to blossom.  We begin watching for signs of Spring even as early as February 2nd when we look to see if the Badger sees his shadow, and we hope he doesn’t because the legend says that if he does, he will be frightened back into his den and we will experience yet another six weeks of winter.   We have certainly experienced the winters grip maybe that old poem is true!

The word “Spring” itself is from Old English meaning “the place of rising or issuing as in a wellspring, the source of a stream or spring.” It normally arrives around March 20, or 21st at the vernal Equinox.

We all tend to get anxious for Spring to arrive, especially if it has been a hard winter.  In Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book, The Secret Garden, young Mary Lennox’s guardian, Mr. Craven, asks her if there is anything that she wants such as toys, books, or dolls.  Mary’s reply takes him by surprise when she simply asks him, “Might I have a bit of earth?”  When Mr. Craven asks the reason for her unusual request she says, “To plant seeds in--to make things grow--to see them come alive," 

Perhaps that is why we yearn for Spring.   It could be that we all long for a peaceful, verdant garden.  After all, life began in a garden and will end in a garden Rev 22V1-3.  It could be that we, like Mary Lennox, want a bit of earth “to plant seeds in—to make things grow—to see them come alive”, and to observe the miracle of Spring.



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