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Dear Friends,

Lord, give me the faith of an Acorn. Is a thought I had while walking in a wood nearby. I held a small Acorn in the palm of my hand. Acorns grow into trees large enough to shelter a family from sun or storm. From what we know of them, they do so without planning or effort on their own part. They don’t have to force themselves to grow faster. They are subject to the wind and the rain and the soil and the sun and they will grow. They submit themselves to the soil, to the breaking of their skin and their hearts, and so begin their lives as trees. Years turn to decades, and they grow taller, soaking up only what comes to them—there is no thought of running after what they need for growth, only a slow, upward journey toward the light. As they grow taller, so they grow deeper, roots digging ever more surely into the soil that will offer everything they need to live.

As we think about faith maybe we need to submit ourselves to God, to allow him to have his way. To grow deeper into him so that we can live, grow be stronger and taller for him. No matter what comes our way we will stand because we have all that we need in him.  God bless


Sunday services October- December 2017

Sunday Services October

1 Communion

8 Morning Worship 11am

        Healing Service 6.30pm

15 Harvest  11am Rev Jim lemon

                         7pm Ballyclare Male Choir     

22 Morning Worship

29 Morning Worship (British summertime ends)

Sunday Services November 

5 Shoe Box operation Christmas Child speaker Hilary Young 

                6.30pm Healing Service

12 Remembrance Sunday

19 Morning Worship Home Mission Sunday

26 First Sunday in  Advent white Ribbon


Sunday Services December

3  Communion

10 Morning Worship

      6.30pm Healing Service

17 Sunday School Nativity

     4pm Carol service

24 Morning worship

Monday 25 Christmas day 9am

31 Morning Worship

New Years Eve Service 8pm Greystones Presbyterian Church


7 Jan Covenant Service, communion


Join us for coffee and Tea at 10.30am

             for worship at 11am