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Be still and know that  am God

Dear Friends,

 I love these days of summer the opportunity to walk and enjoy the countryside. To catch up on those outside jobs you could not do because of the weather and the freedom just to enjoy the life God has given us.

Far too often worry anxiety and stress of life drain us of living as God intended, but as you look around you see, flowers, trees all in their full beauty without any effort seem to just thrive, even the birds of the air carry on singing their merry tune. Is it because they are more in tune with creation than we are?

In our full and chaotic lives one of the lessons we can learn is to be still, to listen to the whisper of God. Just take a moment sit, close your eyes and breathe. God is closer to you than you may think. Listen to his still small voice, calling us to quietness of soul. It is there in that moment when we tune into God’s voice that we begin to live, thrive and enjoy the blessing of God. May he bless you as you wait upon Him?

Sunday services July-September 2017

Sunday Services July

2 Communion

9 Morning Worship

16 Morning Worship           

23 Morning Worship

30 Morning Worship



Sunday Services August

6  Morning Worship Communion

13 Morning Worship

20 Morning Worship

27 Morning Worship

Sunday Services September


3  Morning worship Communion

10 Morning Worship

      6.30pm Healing Service

17 Morning worship

24 Morning Worship World development and Relief

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