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 Dear Friends, 

“I can because he is the great I am” Whenever we face difficulties often the negative feelings always seem to take over. When this happens, it is like a spiral downwards. The “I can’t” “it’s impossible” mentality and even anger can take over. Then the blame game why has God done this, why has this happened. It is in those moments that we must hold on to Jesus, especially when things get scary and almost out of control. At times its like a white knuckle ride I have experienced as a child.

We hold on to Jesus because he is the great “I am” the author and perfector of our faith, through him in him all things were made. He is and always will be the one who walks with us, carries us and strengthens us. He changes the I can’t into I can, and I will. Even the Psalmist declares his hope is in the Lord for he has done all things well, wait patiently upon the lord. I always repeat the words of this wonderful verse from Philippians, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. There is a question I always ask myself and it’s how much I trust him so that I leave all my negatives, anxieties, worries and cares with him, allowing him to fill me with his strength. Is it a case of I can do better, I Know the answers?

Let us all say I can because He is the "Great I am".





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